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Content Case Studies

Viral Content For Your Brand

When the LEVEL8 brand came to us for content creation and Ads management, we knew exactly what they needed. Long story short, we’ve created this video which generated 30.5 Million views, 722k likes, and hundreds of online orders. We’ve made sure to add all the special ingredients that make for a successful campaign. 

Reduce Your CPA Costs

We pride ourselves in having an expert team that is knowledgeable in copywriting, video production, and consumer psychology. Creating compelling lifestyle content that will capture your viewers attention and make them click is what we’re confident in doing. Don’t be surprised when we reduce your cost per acquisition and improve your overall ROAS.

Increase CTR and Decrease CPC

One of the drastic side effects for injecting our advertising methods into your strategy is that your ad click through rate will increase, and your cost per click will decrease. Just like this video we created which generated 100,000+ views and 5,000+ clicks. Compared to previous campaign methods, we helped CTR increase from 1.3% to 12%, drastically reducing CPC from $2.23 to $0.45 per click.

We know what it’s like to feel unsatisfied with Ad performance. We’ve gathered years of experience and data in order to build successful campaigns today. Let us help you.

Drastically Improve Brand Awareness & Brand Authority

We love creating professionally capturing videos. We’ve generated tens of millions of views for our clients so far this year. We would love to do the same for your brand too.