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The Proof You Needed To See About Google Ads.

Christian Mercado

Successful Stories of How Google Ads Helped Various Businesses In Different Industries:

Please do take the time to read and go over some of these examples. These results were taken from Google’s success stories of everyday business owners like you and I.

Those who do not adapt with the times are typically left behind struggling.

Some of the evidence you see here can benefit your business. You can have someone on your team help automate & boost sales for your business with this super powerful tool.


Meet Daniel

(Owner of founder & CEO, Decorus Salon)

Decorus Salon started in April 2017 after its owner, Daniel Burns, decided to fulfil a lifelong ambition of running his own business. Teaming up with a friend, they decided to open a hair salon—and quickly found the perfect location to open their first store.

One of Daniel’s first goals was to free-up his time to focus more on the brand and managing the accounts, while a team of professionals ran the creative side.



Meet Antoni Dobrenko

“Google Ads gave us confidence, because we could see it was focused on finding the right customers and getting results. We realised that we could show our adverts to people within our local area, which was exactly what we wanted.”

Antoni Dobrenko opened Toni’s Pizzeria in 2013 to bring authentic, high quality, freshly made pizza to pizza lovers all over Glasgow. Six and a half years later, Toni’s has gone from a small takeaway to a multi-award winning restaurant business in Giffnock and the West End, with plans to open three more in the future.

The business needed to drive its marketing efforts, but it also needed to keep making quality pizza. Ads would have to be targeted and results-oriented, freeing up Antoni and his team to focus on delivering great-tasting pizza.





Meet Robert

(Search Marketing Executive, Cruise)

Embracing Google’s technologies helps save a lot of time. The speed to market is much faster ensuring we get our messaging out to as many qualified customers as possible.” – Robert Mann

Robert was initially met with reservations to the proposed automation of Cruise campaigns. But, the results turned heads and shifted mindsets leading to Smart Bidding being added into the mix.

Google’s Responsive Search Ads provided 38% more bookings and generated a 193% uplift overall. Smart Bidding nearly trebled bookings, lowered the cost per conversion by 17% and grew revenue by 128%.

Automation also freed time for strategic management – allowing Robert’s team to respond to the dynamic and expanding cruise market.


Google Advertisements are a powerful way to reach more customers in your area. Google has collected a ton of information on its users that allows marketers to laser target ideal customers for businesses in various industries.

If you feel like your business has more potential to increase it’s revenue and reach more customers, contact us today!


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Christian Mercado is the founder of DigiMax Marketing. When he’s not serving his clients, he loves playing chess, watch comedy movies, and educating himself on new marketing techniques to further improve his client’s results.